Of all desserts I like cake the most. Actually, I LOVE cake the most. Ice cream is second (if it is an ice cream cake, even better). I do like some chocolates but not hard candies. They get sticky and I don’t get the instant gratification I want from them. But, I digress.

Cake is where it is at. I think cake knows it is the top dessert. No arrogance about it (except from the petit fours), it just knows. It has confidence. Swagger. It tempts you.

It makes you have an internal debate when you see it (the kind of internal debate you have about that third glass of wine). I shouldn’t but, but, I HAVE TO HAVE YOU!

There are more bakeries in the world than McDonald’s, Subway’s, and KFC’s combined. Not really sure the significance of this other than I love cake and places that sell cake.

I can still remember how excited I used to get as a kid when my mother uttered the words “Let’s bake a cake”. I was her helper. I sat there, waiting patiently, until she was done mixing the batter with her hand held Sunbeam mixer. And then came my job. The most important job in the kitchen. To lick the batter from the beaters. It was a difficult, thankless job but someone had to do it. My mom was nice enough to switch the speed of the beaters down to slow so my tongue wasn’t hurt too badly, but nothing was going to stop me.

I am not a cake snob, put a box of yodels in front of me and you’re my BFF. But, there is

something to be said for a well designed cake. Whether it be buttercream, fondant (still one of my daughter’s favorite words), or a rich chocolate fudge frosting, It can be a work of art and a thing of beauty. Cake is joy and happiness. It is there during some of the most important celebrations in people’s lives and it rarely disappoints.

Cake, to me, is love spelled backwards if loved spelled backwards was “ekac”.

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